Your body is different to mine. Not only in size and shape but in the way it reacts to things, which is why I wanted to stress the importance of a body analysis before starting an exercise program.  At our Clapham gym we don’t come up with one way to treat several people but we treat each body as an individual and we get an accurate view of how your body is doing before we come up with an exercise program that will suit you.

Taking part in a body analysis will tell us

The ratio of body fat against lean body mass. People lose lean muscle as they become inactive/sedentary and increase body fat. Incorrect dieting results in a loss of lean muscle and the fat stays behind. This is dangerous. Exercise will help you decrease your body fat and increase your lean muscle tissue.

The kind of exercise program we need to put together for you. Everyone gets their own personal exercise program based on the results of their body analysis and we will focus on specific exercises that will help you tone up the areas that you want to tone!

It will also help us keep track of your progress and give you a very accurate look at how your body is changing both externally and internally too. If you have ever exercised hard and never lost weight it can be discouraging but by using our specialist equipment we can see what is going on internally – if you find you are actually losing body fat that will help you stay motivated, even if your weight doesn’t change.

Your body analysis will also be a big insight for you into how your body is doing. If you have been unfit/sedentary for a while a body analysis can be a massive wake up call to take action for some people before things get worse. Too much body fat is linked to major illnesses like diabetes which can be controlled and overcome with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

We won’t just take measurements and guess what needs to happen, we actually use a specialist piece of equipment to get an accurate overview of your whole body. It is called the BodyMetrix System and it combines  a hand-held ultrasound wand with software to accurately and consistently assess and monitor your body’s composition.

Using the BodyMetrix System we can scan, see, and track fat loss and muscle gain so that we accurately monitor your progress.  This system offers the kind of state of the art technology used by elite athletes and trainers, it allows us to measure your

  • Body fat percentage and track your fat loss and your muscle gain
  • Record your circumference measurements and waist to hip ratio (important factor in how much fat you are holding around your tummy)
  • Tells us your metabolic rate (important to know how quickly you burn your food) and your overall BMI (Body Mass Index)

and a number of important other factors that are related to keeping you fit and healthy

When you visit our Clapham Gym and go through one of our assessments this is the beginning of your journey with us and the information you get from our body analysis is worth it’s weight in gold because you will know what it will take to get fit and healthy. It is a huge motivation for many people because we often look at our outside but have no idea what is happening inside.

If you have any questions or you would like to book a body analysis you can complete our training enquiry form or call us on 020 3551 6739